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What people are saying about Out-of-School Tales of a
Reluctant Educator:

  We learn to teach in fragmented, layered ways. Rarely does a master teacher unpack her wisdom with such respect for her craft and her readers. This funny, bittersweet, provocative telling of a life fully lived, while immersed in the lives of young people, honors teachers as well as learners. Page gets it—the “it” that Paul Goodman wrote is the grace, discrimination, and response to students, for whom education is an art. I relived my own teaching as I read and re-read these stories. Funny, irreverent at times, but always compelling; Page provides a new yardstick for measuring educational success.
--Daniel Thompson, Director of CIFE: Curriculum and Instruction Field Experiences, The Pennsylvania State University

   A fun read especially for anyone familiar with schools. Authentically and courageously written. Marilyn discloses how she bravely and creatively persisted through surprising ordeals in the education of both students and herself.
--Alice Faulkner Barrow, Former Elementary School Teacher; 
Computer Programmer Analyst, Retired  

  … writing is brilliant, funny, fresh, irreverent.
--Jeannie Page, Director of Client Services; Motivational Speaker and Writer

  ‘Out-of-School Tales of a Reluctant Educator’ is an enjoyable and amusing story about a teacher's journey sharing 40 years of current events with her classroom. Page was able to take us through her growth as an educator, the growth of her students, and even the growth of the country through these events. Whether she thought she wanted to be or not, Page is an educator. I loved the huge moments in history where there were no words (President Kennedy, the Challenger Shuttle, 9/11); they were moving.
--Mike Epstein, Stay-at-Home Dad
  ‘Ms. Page to the office, Ms. Page to the office, NOW!’ Though Marilyn Page's accidental career in teaching spans many more years than even the most reluctant of students, her calls to the office as a subject of scrutiny averages just a little bit higher than many of her hormone- addled scholars. But don't be mistaken! This is a good thing, as Page was a teacher who questioned bad policy and pushed for change well in synch with cultural shifts rocking the nation. This is the story of a reluctant teacher who became an excellent teacher, a teacher who discovered self-empowerment makes not only for more engaged students, but better teachers as well. A very interesting and enjoyable read. But why am I left with the feeling I would have been dragged OUT of Ms. Page's classroom by the ear?
--William Meyer, Product Manager

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​Reluctant Educator Extraordinaire

MARILYN MONKS PAGE grew up in Worcester, MA and lived, and raised her children, in the Boston area for many years. She began her career as a high school social-studies and Spanish teacher and taught in every grade 7 through 12, at every academic level, in rural, suburban, and urban school systems in different parts of the United States. She taught at the university level and worked with pre- and in-service teachers, grades K–12, for 20 years. She also directed a research project for the development of K–12 professional certification requirements in the state of Washington. She has been the technology coordinator for education programs at two universities and developed the first middle-school, teacher-preparation programs in the Vermont State College System. She earned her EdD from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in Instructional Leadership and in Educational Media and Technology. She is the author, and author with Bruce A. Marlowe, of several books.
At any given time you can find her in Boston or in San Francisco or in Seattle or in Paris. And she likes it that way.

... Page combines the political subtext and analysis of Jonathan Kozol with the heart-warming humility of Annie Lamott. What a wonderful course of study to join her on.
--Carmen D’Arcangelo, Autobiographical Fiction Writer and Coach/Consultant; Author, Grace in Anthology, We Came to Say